Attorney Altin Mimir was born in Ovacık – Tunceli in 1972. She completed elementary and secondary schools in Ovacık. After she was graduated Corum Health Vocational High School in 1989, she started working as a nurse at Beyoglu State Hospital, affiliated to Ministry of Health. During this period, she completed her education at Faculty of Law of Istanbul University by working at night and studying during the day.

Following her graduation from Faculty of Law of Istanbul University in 1994, she completed her law internship working for Prof. Dr. Cetin Ozek. She left this office in 1998 and established her own, “Emek Law Office”.

She has given services in the office, which she owns today, with professional lawyers, who are experienced mainly in private law, such as Trade & Corporate Law, Family Law, Real Estate & Rental Law, Labour Law, Execution & Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law , mostly consists of economic crimes.

Furthermore, she gives legal consultancy services to the companies by following their institutional transactions and preparing their agreements.

For Attorney ALTIN MIMIR, it is very much important to use the feeling of “Justice and Fairness” in her as a mother, lawyer and businesswoman in the name of improving society. With her belief in eliminating gender inequality, providing equality of opportunity for women and men, which are an absolute necessity, to improve the society full and completely, she has taken rolls actively in many voluntary organizations in order to increase the awareness of the women and whole society on this matter. For this purpose, she sustains activities in KAGIDER and OUR CHILDREN associations.

She attributes her position today to the factors, such as being able to communicate with every section of the society, to be able to emphasize with them and most important of all, having a work discipline. She has changed her office’s name as ALTIN EMEK in order to combine dynamism and experience and to stress that exertion has a value of gold by her son’s choosing advocacy profession, whom she believes that he will sustain her goals in life.